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Donnatal drug description and what Donnatal is used to treat

When Belladona and Phenobarl are joined together with other drugs, they are important in healing swelling of the intestine, irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers of the intestines. Belladona and Phenobarl is a barbiturate and an anticholinergic combination which has been medically confirmed to be useful in reducing motions associated with muscles in the intestines and stomach therefore aiding in the mild sedation providence.

Qualified medical personnel counsel that you should cease using Belladona and Phenobarl medications mostly if you have had the following situations; the feeling of happiness after taking the prescription, esophagus complications, history of addiction of alcohol, if you had Porphyria, a blood disorder among others. Other medications may interact with Belladona and phenobarl drug. Remember to inform your healthcare giver if you are taking any other form of medicine in spite of the method you obtained it, have any plans of expectancy , if you have problems with your nerve, prostate, arteries, veins and capillaries..Also avoid giving these treatments to children without the consent of a medicine provider. In elderly persons, they are likely to experience constipation, mouth dryness, urinary problems, confusion, agitation and severe complications with psychology.

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